Portsmouth Judo Club

The oldest continually-running martial arts club in New England


Portsmouth Judo Dojo was established in 1953, making it the oldest continuously-running martial arts club in New England. Early classes were directed by Bud Oliver (Shodan). Oliver was a strong proponent of groundwork(ne-waza), and his influence on the club is still felt today. Currently, the dojo is run by Sensei Cal Potter. Sensei Potter was recently promoted to Fifth Degree Black Belt, he initially came to PJD in 1968 as a student.

Our dojo has had many well-respected visitors, including the likes of Shihan Ishikawa, Shihan Kotani, Olympic medalists Jimmy Pedro and Jason Morris, Shihan George Harris, Professor Wally Jay, Shihan Dickey(jujutsu) and many others. Early on, Portsmouth Judo Dojo was the site of national promotional shiai, attracting many of the highest ranking judoka in the country. We’ve hosted clinics and seminars by many of these Judo notables in the past, and continue to host clinics and tournaments(shiai) as well.

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